Unified Membership Structure

The Colorado Association of School Nurses (CASN) encourages all school nurses to join!  CASN is an affiliate organization of the National Association of School Nurses, Inc. (NASN).  When you join, you are a member of CASN and NASN with full benefits in both organizations.  Membership dues are collected and managed at NASN national headquarters.

Together we can represent a strong, united effort.

Together we can be recognized and heard.

CASN and NASN are the only state and national organizations that serve Colorado school nurses and school nursing exclusively. Membership in your state and national professional organization is important to help promote and improve the practice of school nursing in Colorado.

Membership in your professional organization gives you an opportunity to meet and network with other school nurses in Colorado. It also gives you a voice in issues that impact school nurses and the students we serve.

Benefits of Membership in CASN and NASN

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CASN/NASN members earn $10 in NASN e-commerce credits for each member referred. Credits can be used towards dues renewal payments, NASN annual conference registration, and purchases in the NASN bookstore. 

If you are an CASN/NASN member, learn more here

If you join CASN/NASN, be sure to identify an CASN/NASN member on your application so that someone can receive this valuable credit!

Your username and password for the website is the same that you use for the NASN website.

Who has a username and password?

All current and former members have a username and password.
All individuals who have attended an NASN event, enrolled in an NASN course or purchased from the NASN online store have a username and password.

It is important that you do not create a new account with a new username and password if you already have one.

Follow the steps below if you need assistance signing in.

Forgot your username: Your username is an email address. Be sure to try various email addresses if you have more than one. If you have an account but can't recall the username, please reach out to NASN.

Forgot your password: You can reset your password on the sign in form or page. Go to the form and click the reset password text. If you do not receive an email to reset your password, please reach out to NASN.