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Legislative Priorities

CASN is monitoring closely school nursing related legislation in the Second Regular Session of the 70th General Assembly of the State of Colorado.

Our Lobbyist – Frontline Public Affairs – Diane Protopapa advises the CASN Legislative Committee with monthly phone conferences during the legislative session.  Any school nurse is welcome to listen to these phone conferences.  Contact Kelly Grenham for more information:


Kelly Grenham, MPH, BSN,  RN, NCSN| School Health Program |

Nurse Consultant | Children's Hospital Colorado

Mapleton School District

The Children’s Hospital Colorado

13123 East 16th Avenue, Box 215  |  Aurora, CO 80045  |

Phone: (303) 853-1103  |  Fax: (303) 853-1426 |  Cell: 720-951-0194.


Please Click here to see most recent  Frontline summaries.


The Colorado General Assembly website is the primary resource for finding your Colorado legislators. Here are specific links to pages on the General Assembly website:

• All legislators Directory. Here you can find legislators by House, Senate, Committee, and District. Click on each district number to see a description of that district's location. Located under CONTACT US

• Click on the Contact Us side bar for  “Who is my legislator?” to locate by address/geographic location.

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Colorado Association of School Nurses
Legislative Priorities
Colorado Association of School Nurses
Legislative Priorities