Colorado Association of School Nurses

Supporting Student Success:  School Nurses Make a Difference

CASN Facts

• CASN members are affiliate members of the National Association of School Nurses (NASN) and have full benefits of NASN


• CASN is represented by 357 members


• Colorado has 500 school nurses (CDE, 2016)


• CASN is the 15th largest professional state school nurse organization in the United States


• CASN’s current membership cost, including the affiliate NASN membership, is $165, and includes an automated quarterly payment option


• The CASN organization receives $64.50 from each member’s $160.00 NASN affiliate membership dues ( in effect July 1,2016)


• CASN sponsors an annual three day conference the first weekend in November, topics are  related specifically to the specialty practice of school nursing


• CASN offers educational scholarships and grants(Bertie Eby award; Educational Grants)


• CASN is an all-volunteer organization – with the exception of an administrative assistant(.5 FTE paid)

  • Executive Board – Members meet a minimum of 6 times a year(4 via telephone;2  in person)
  • Full Board – Members meet a minimum of 6 times a year(4 via telephone; 2 in  person)
  • Conference Committee – Members meet an average of twice per month
  • Legislative Committee – Members currently meet on a PRN basis, includes a professional lobbyist
  • Educational Committee- in Development, will oversee Conference committee when completed
  • Area Representative Committee – Members meet once a month using remote access


• CASN has a new dynamic website

  • Updated features allow for secure and confidential voting


• CASN addresses local and national legislative issues influencing student health and academic achievement


• CASN’s ongoing expenses include:  (treasures report available upon request)

  • Frontline Public Affairs- Lobbyist –Provides
  • Carrie Diaz Art-Website Development & Design Services, Website maintenance
  • Meredith Urbani- Administrative assistant (.5 FTE)
  • Liability Insurance
  • P.O. Box
  • Travel & Lodging to Washington, DC for  Colorado NASN director to participate and represent CASN during NASN Board Member events(x2/annually)
  • Travel, Lodging and Conference registration for incoming CASN president and NASN director to participate in transitional leadership training events during the annual NASN conference
  • Black Tie conference registration services

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Colorado Association of School Nurses
CASN Facts
Colorado Association of School Nurses
CASN Facts