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The mission of CASN is to provide leadership in the delivery of quality health programs to ensure educational success of the school aged child and advance the practice of school nursing.


The Colorado Association of School Nurses and the National Association of School Nurses are the only state and national organizations that serve Colorado school nurses and school nursing exclusively.  Membership in your state and national professional organization is important to help promote and improve the practice of school nursing in Colorado.


Membership in your professional organization gives you an opportunity to meet and network with other school nurses in Colorado. It also gives you a voice in issues that impact school nurses and the students we serve.


*New featured benefit: As a member of CASN/NASN, you are automatically enrolled in SchoolNurseNet, which connects you to every member in the state of Colorado and ensures you will get timely news about school nursing on topics such as legislation, funding opportunities, and practice issues.

Joining NASN means you automatically become a member of CASN, giving you the full benefits of both organizations.


Together we can represent a strong, united effort.


Together we can be recognized and heard.


We are now able to join or renew our membership in NASN/CASN online!

NASN is now accepting online payment of dues with a major credit card.


CASN is encouraging all school nurses to visit the NASN website to join or renew your membership.

To join please go to:





Every school-aged child deserves a school nurse who is highly qualified and holds a degree from an accredited college or university and is licensed as a Registered Nurse through the Colorado Division of Regulatory Agencies (DORA).


These requirements constitute minimal preparation needed to practice at the entry level of school nursing according to the American Nurses Association and the National Association of School Nurses. School nursing requires advanced skills that include the ability to practice independently, supervise others, and delegate care in a community, rather than a hospital or clinic setting. These advanced skills are needed to address the complex health needs of students within the school community setting. These skills are attained through a baccalaureate degree in nursing.


School nurses must hold a Colorado Department of Education (CDE) license as a special services provider with a school nurse endorsement.





Belinda Strickland

CASN President 2016-2017


P.O. Box 24332

Denver, CO 80224



November 4, 5, 6 2016

Embassy Suites

Loveland Colorado

School Nurses


improve the health of Colorado School Children ages birth to 21 years.

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Karen O’Keeffe

CASN President 2015 - 2016


P.O. Box 24332

Denver, CO 80224

Message from the President

COLORADO…. The name still brings chills to my spine. There is so much to love about being here … the mountains(of course), the sky , hidden spots away from it all, Denver , Pueblo, Creede, Mancos, Burlington, Brush, Craig and all the places  in between.


My favorite part of all is the people.  And being a school nurse we see everyone don’t we?  How lucky we are to meet the most diverse people --- African, Asian, LGBQT, brown, black, multiracial, Hmong, Native American, young, older—the list is endless.


Being a school nurse in this great pot of diversity is challenging and empowering, at the same time full of belly laughs and tears.  Not many other people can appreciate or understand what we do as school nurses.


That is why we come together as an organization – Colorado Association of School Nurses –CASN.  To support and teach and listen to each other. To be the best professionals we can become and to ensure that others know how much we contribute to the success of each child’s school experience.


I hope that this website becomes YOUR PLACE to engage with school nurse colleagues, link news and information and connect School nurses, students, parents, educators and others interested in school health in Colorado.  CASN supports and advances the practice of professional school nurses   in order to enhance the health, safety and educational success of all children in Colorado.


Don’t see yourself in the picture above?  WHY NOT?  This is a picture of the Colorado school nurses who attended the National Association of School Nurses Annual Conference in Philadelphia, (2015). I would love to see YOUR picture here from the 2016 Conference in Indianapolis. Please join us … see information under the events tab.


If you can correctly name all the people in the picture I will provide you with a beverage of your choice AND conversation at the NASN ,2016 Conference in Indianapolis!   Hope to see you there. And thank-you for all you do for Colorado’s children.


Karen O’Keeffe, RNMS,NCSN    CASN President, 2015-2016.

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Colorado Association of School Nurses
Message from the President
Colorado Association of School Nurses
Message from the President